Don’t eat it on your parade lap

We promoted the Charity Laps for Victory Junction at VIR on November 10, but we didn’t get to go. Then we learned at Katie’s Cars and Coffee yesterday that a Lamborghini Gallardo lost it on a parade lap.

We knew this was possible. Low-speed crashes in supercars have almost become their own meme at this point. And it’s been reported during parade laps at VIR before.

It’s interesting that this Gallardo incident occurred on VIR’s famed esses, almost exactly where a previous incident occurred in 2018.

What happened? Only the aftermath is captured in this video – but the damage to the Gallardo is along the side and the rear. This suggests a spin followed by collision backward or sideways into a barrier. The tire barrier is also apparently displaced, so we’re thinking that was the somewhat immovable object into which the Gallardo shunted.

How could this happen? One can reasonably suspect cold tires. Apply massive torque quickly to cold tires, and you’ll discover they have shockingly little grip. You might as well be ice skating. And then you get to find out how quickly things can literally spiral.

We’re not going to moralize or get judgy about this incident. It’s unfortunate, and we’re very glad no one seems to be hurt – and that no other vehicles were collected.

We will however renew our plea that powerful vehicle owners learn how to drive them. Do an HPDE with one of the auto clubs. Audi, BMW, and Porsche all offer them, as do local SCCA chapters like our own WDCR-SCCA. Take classes from Skip Barber. Get yourself a private coach.

We also always suggest folks with serious track intent get a dedicated track car. Buy something you can afford to bin. To learn, you have to push yourself – and when you push yourself, you’re going to make mistakes. That’s how you learn. Our first track car was a 2006 Boxster S with a salvage title! The whole car cost less than the front end of a GT3 RS if we had to replace it.