RevMatch User Interface (UI) example

Meet RevMatch!

What is RevMatch? RevMatch is a new automotive community platform that simplifies the process of sharing car builds and connecting enthusiasts. It serves as a

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The Driving Force behind VIR

Being part of The Autoverse means I get to meet some of the most interesting people in the world of motorsport.

Recently, I spoke with Connie Nyholm, co-owner and CEO of the Virginia International Raceway.

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Getting on Track

In-car footage from an RSC Motors client in a 981 Cayman S As a relative newcomer to track driving, I’m going to share my experience

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The History of AMG

For over 50 years, AMG has been one of Germany’s premier tuning and racing outfits. Maintaining a close relationship with Mercedes-Benz’s production team, and then

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70 Years of Lotus

Since 1948, Lotus has been England’s pluckiest indie automaker, putting out taught and nimble sports cars for the street and track. Famously, founder Colin Chapman’s

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VW’s MQB Platform

Volkswagens’ MQB chassis is a prolific Swiss Army Knife of a platform. Underpinning everything from compact hatchbacks, to sedans, vans, crossovers, up to budget supercars

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VW’s MLB Evo Platform

In order to combat rising production costs, platform-sharing has become an extremely common practice for vehicle manufacturers. Volkswagen Group has taken this practice to a

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What Makes a Boxer Engine

Updated: May 19, 2021 Although they are currently associated with Porsche and Subaru, horizontally-opposed “boxer” engines were once one of the most popular engine types, with

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