Welcome to The Autoverse Marketplace!

Why are we better? Here are five reasons:

  1. We verify our users. Both the buyers and sellers. You can avoid the contacts who “can’t meet in person” or “will send you a cashier’s check” but want you to refund the $700 they “accidentally” put on the check. We don’t wait for someone to misbehave and for you to have to report it, we proactively work to dissuade and to weed out bad actors.
  2. We provide CarFax reports for every listing. Other providers just aren’t good enough. They miss accidents and other important information. Then you get stuck with a car that’s worth less than you thought.
  3. We require sellers to provide an independent third-party inspection along with their posting. No bait-and-switch. No hidden damage or mechanical issues. This takes the guessing out of buying a pre-owned car.
  4. We give each listing a sanity check. Almost nothing makes a vehicle sale harder than an unrealistic price. You’re of course free to ask whatever you want. But we’re only going to list reasonable market prices. We aren’t going to waste yours or your buyer’s time with a dog that won’t hunt. 
  5. We’ll show your car for you. Are you super busy? Or concerned about meeting strangers? We’ll take care of it. One of our associates will pick it up and meet your prospective buyer(s).

That's it. It's pretty simple. Just like car buying and selling should be.

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