What is RevMatch?

RevMatch is a new automotive community platform that simplifies the process of sharing car builds and connecting enthusiasts.

It serves as a centralized hub where users can easily document their builds, access a vast database of aftermarket parts, and engage with over 450 brands – and even order them with from within the app.

RevMatch streamlines the automotive modification journey, to get more information, more easily than traditional sources like forums and spreadsheets.


One of RevMatch’s key features is its recommendation engine, which provides users with curated lists of compatible parts based on their vehicle and project type. This functionality promises to simplify research and instill trust based on other users’ experiences.

RevMatch’s ultimate goal is to make useful information more available within the automotive community, building an environment where enthusiasts can freely and simply share their knowledge and experiences. By centralizing information and streamlining the search process, RevMatch empowers users to make informed decisions and focus on what they love—working on their vehicles.

You can already join the RevMatch community – free! You can find the app now on the iOS store, web and Android platforms coming in future updates.

RevMatch is led by a team of auto enthusiasts, so they understand the frustrations enthusiasts have with gatekeeping and misinformation in the car scene. RevMatch is focused on the user and dedicated to transparency — aiming to redefine the automotive experience for enthusiasts worldwide.

Join Autoverse members in trying out RevMatch today! And tell us what you think. We’ve already passed on feedback to the developers that will help make the platform more awesome for more people.

RevMatch Website: www.revmatch.io

Download on the iOS Store: RevMatch on iOS